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MTL 200K ACP Brevet

Date: 2021-09-11

Start Time: 6am

Starting location: Speedy Stop 1660 E. 51st Street, Austin, TX 78723

This brevet is closed: False

Check-in will start 30 minutes before the ride starts. If you want more information send an email to newberry@mail.utexas.edu.

Current Riders Signed up:
Jeff Newberry (paid)
Walker Stewart (paid)
Nick Dawe (paid)
Peter Nagel (paid)
Jeffrey Cannon (paid)
Paul Cannon (paid)
Vikramsinh Jadhav (paid)
Adam Rice (paid)
Dan Colvin (paid)
Rob Tulloh (paid)
Wayne Dunlap (paid)
Amy Russell (paid)
Gary Kanaby (paid)
Ian Frederick-Rothwell (paid)
Scott Taylor (paid)
Russell Dorobek (paid)