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Johnson City Stretch 200K ACP Brevet

Date: 2022-01-08

Start Time: 7am

Starting location: 3108 Creeks Edge Pkwy, Autin, TX 78733

This brevet is closed: False

The course is all rolling hills. Most of the climbs are mild but there are a few short, steep climbs. There are plenty of places to stop but there are two 30 mile stretch with no place to get food or water.

Check-in will start 30 minutes before the ride starts. If you want more information send an email to newberry@mail.utexas.edu.

Current Riders Signed up:
Nick Dawe (paid)
Jeff Newberry (paid)
Dan Colvin (paid)
Rob Tulloh (paid)
Matt Clifton (paid)
Dustin Dinh