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HCR Permanents

HCR sponsors the permanents listed below. Permanents are rides that may be ridden at a time and date chosen by the rider and agreed upon by the route owner. HCR has a new permanent policy. All permanents are free. A rider simply needs to fill out and mail or email back to the route owner the signed waiver and completed application form indicating the planned date and time. The application and waiver must be received by the route owner prior to the planned ride date, and it is the rider's obligation to confirm receipt before riding by contacting the route owner. The rider is responsible for printing out his or her own control card (there are links on the left hand side of each route info page). The completed control card and copies of the store receipts (to show proof of passage) should be mailed to the address indicated on the application after the ride is completed.

Permanents can be ridden for RUSA distance awards or an R-12. The same permanent route can be ridden multiple times. For more information see https://rusa.org/perminfo.html

HCR Permanents with electronic waivers:

Distance Name Start Location Destination Difficulty
104 Coupland 100K Austin Austin easy
105 Granger Flo Pop Georgetown Georgetown Easy
105 Rudy's 2 Step Austin Austin Difficult
125 Paleface 125 Austin Austin moderate
200 Mueller/Taylor/Lexington Austin Austin moderate
200 Round Mountain Roundup Austin Austin Difficult
202 Georgetown Jog Georgetown Florence Moderate
202 Burnet Durn It! Austin Austin Moderate
203 San Marcos Stretch Bee Cave San Marcos Moderate
215 Newer Braunfels Austin Austin Moderate
306 How Gruene Was My Valley Austin Austin Moderate
408 Suspend Belief Austin San Saba Difficult

HCR Permanents that require you to contact the owner:

Distance Name Start Location Destination Difficulty
100k Andice Pop NW Austin Florence Moderate
101k Around Stillhouse Salado Salado Moderate
102k Hudson Bend 100 Austin Austin Medium
102k Bertram Bolt 102K Georgetown Bertram Medium
103k Meander to Leander Austin Leander Medium
104k Coupland 100 Austin Coupland Easy
105k Rudy's 2 Step Austin Austin Medium
108k Mueller-Taylor Austin Taylor Medium
100k Roger Bartlett Salado Salado Medium
100k Tacos at Rudy's Cedar Park Austin Medium
101k Florhousado Salado Salado Medium
104k Florence Pop Florence Burnet Moderate
105k Flo Granger Pop Georgetown Florence Moderate
109k Johnson City Stretch West Austin Johnson City Moderate
110k Thrall of a Pop Georgetown Thrall Easy
118k Throndale Pop Georgetown Thorndale Moderate
120k Range Rover Belton Gatesville Moderate
125k Paleface 125 Austin Lakeway Moderate
164k Rock Grinder Temple Temple Moderate
200k Mueller-Taylor-Lexington Austin Lexington Moderate
200k Round Mountain Roundup Austin Round Mountain Difficult
200k Dripping Willow 200k Dripping Springs Stonewall Difficult
201k Ronald Reagan Tour Salado Salado Moderate
202k Austin-Somerville Austin Somerville Moderate
202k Georgetown Jog Georgetown Florence Moderate
202k Burnet Durn It! Austin Burnet Moderate
203k Born to be Wild Cedar Park Marble Falls Medium
203k Dam It 2 Salado Salado Medium
204k Lake Travis Loop Austin Marble Falls Difficult
206k Johnson City West Austin Johnson City Difficult
208k Mueller-Lincoln Austin Lincoln Moderate
208k Rock and Ice Georgetown Rockdale Moderate
215k Newer Braunfels Austin New Braunfels Moderate
300k Epoch-Caldwell Austin Caldwell Moderate
300k Prince Braunfels Marble Falls New Braunfels Difficult
306k How Gruene Was My Valley Austin Gruene Difficult
324k Mueller Double Century Austin Kendalia Difficult
408k Suspend Belief Austin San Saba Difficult

To learn more about randonnering, try the Randonneurs USA website.