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Hill Country Randonneurs is an organization to promote randonneuring throughout central Texas.   Come join us for some great scenery, enjoyable company, and pleasurable rides.  

Below is a list of the brevets currently on the calendar. The dates and times below are the correct ones. If you see a different date on one of the other pages, it just means it has not been updated (sometimes our crack admin staff misses things).

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Special thanks to Jeff Newberry, Gary Kanaby, and Peter Nagel for organizing the downtown Austin, Saledo, and Goergetown Brevets. If you want to organize and run a brevet, we just need 2 weeks notice to add it to the calendar.
As usual, everyone is welcome to ride. All rides have oo-line signups. Just click on the link for the ride you want and press the sign up button. Populaires are free (rides < 200k) and so is your first ride with HCR, so you have no excuses not to give it a go. Texas hill country is waiting for you! As always, you do not need to be a RUSA member or HCR member to ride any of the rides posted below. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at wgdunlap@aol.com.

HCR - Changing the world one pedal stroke at time!

Note: All HCR rides are open to members and non-members alike. Same day sign-ups are allowed.

Brevet Ride Schedule:

Distance Date Start Time Start Location Brevet Type Name Organizer
204 2019-09-28 7am Salado RUSA Damit2 Gary Kanaby
331 2019-10-12 7am Salado RUSA Lake Limestone Double Century Gary Kanaby
101k 2019-10-13 7:00am Salado, TX RUSA Flohousado Gary kanaby
120 2019-10-26 8am Georgetown RUSA RUSA Dart Peter Nagel
401 2019-11-02 7am Georgetown RUSA Stampede Redux (hotel start) Peter Nagel
606 2019-12-07 7am Georgetown RUSA CDB 600 Peter Nagel
240 2019-12-08 7am Georgetown, TX RUSA Dime Box Dash Peter Nagel
118 2019-12-08 7am Georgetown, TX RUSA Thorndale Pop Peter Nagel
200 2019-12-14 7am Lake Travis RUSA Lake Travis Loop Wayne Dunlap
101k 2019-12-15 0:800 Salado, TX RUSA Gary kanaby
306 2019-12-21 7am North Austin RUSA How Gruene was my Valley Rob Tulloh
200 2020-01-04 7am West Austin ACP Johnson City Stretch Wayne Dunlap
200 2020-01-18 7am Central Austin ACP No Return to Fitzhugh Jeff Newberry
300 2020-02-08 7am West Austin ACP Pedernales Double Century Wayne Dunlap
200 2020-02-08 7am West Austin ACP San Marcros Wayne Dunlap
300 2020-02-15 7am North Austin ACP How Gruene Was My Valley Rob Tulloh
400 2020-03-07 6am West Austin ACP Come and Take It 400 Wayne Dunlap
300 2020-03-07 6am West Austin ACP Seguine Wayne Dunlap
200 2020-03-07 6am West Austin ACP San Marcros Wayne Dunlap
400 2020-03-21 6am North Austin ACP Suspend Belief Rob Tulloh
1000 2020-04-04 6am Central Austin ACP BNBB Jeff Newberry
600 2020-04-18 6am Central Austin ACP Old Dime Box Jeff Newberry

To learn more about randonnering, try the Randonneurs USA website.